Thermometers & Hydrometer

Salinity Hydrometer (Specific Gravity Meter)

What is the Salinity Hydrometer
Natural sea water generally has an S.G. (specific gravity) of between 1.023 & 1.027 depending on the location.  For most purpose, a reading between 1.021 and 1.024 is acceptable.  The recommended specific gravity range is 1.02 to 1.023 at the temperature of 77F (25C)


  • Floating type gravity meter
  • Measurement of an accurate specific gravity and salinity
  • Made of crystal clear fine acrylic
  • Swing arm style hydrometer
  • Easy to read


LCD Aquarium Thermometer

Product features:

  • Easy to read
  • Fahrenheit and centigrade
  • Mounts on the outside of aquarium
How to read temperature:
  • The liquid crystal changes color by the variation in the temperature of the aquarium

  • Green: Exact temperature
  • Tan: Temperature is lower than tan color
  • Blue: temperature is lower than tan color

Glass Thermometer

Product features:
  • Floating with suction cup
  • Fahrenheit and centigrade
  • Shows safe zone of temperature
  • Mount on the inside of your aquarium
  • The red color column filled with alcohol rises or falls by the temperature change of the aquarium water
  • Choose a location on the inside of the aquarium and attached to the wall (use suction cup)
  • Glass thermometer must be below water line




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